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Inline Ash Catchers - water pipe percolators

Inline Ash Catchers are great additions to your water pipe that will provide cooler, smoother and more purified hits and help to keep your bong clean! Starting at $29.95 - Call Us Today 1.800.515.5035

The Inline ash catchers are water bong precoolers which have two main goals: to brake the smoke into smaller bubbles and to maintain a cleaner water pipe. Using this water pipe additions the user will get cooler, smoother hits and also have a cleaner water pipe since the ash and tart will be retain by the ash catcher. Inline ash catchers provides three different types of water pipe precoolers: 11 Arm Tree Ash Catcher,  Mushroom Ash Catcher, Inline precoolers.

Theinline ash catcher will slide in the water pipe introducing one more filtering water pools. The glass bowl will slide over the precooler. Anytime a consumer will smoke the blend, these inline ash catchers will cool and filter the smoke, that goes thru the water pipe filtration water pool and in the end into the user’s lungs.

Not only the inline ash cathers cools and filters the smoke will even help you keep your bong clean for very long periods of time. These inline ash cathers will catch the ashes before getting into the water pipe so the user can forget about rubbing the water pipe with glass cleaners or other simmilar poducts!

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11 Arm Tree Inline Ash Catchers

This inline ash catchers have 11 arms, each arm featuring 3 diffuser slits for a total of 33 diffuser slits! Far more efficient than the diffuser, this ash catcher provides you with smoother and cooler hits.

These 11 arm inline ash catchers includes a 18.8 mm glass on glass connection piece for your water pipe. Inside you will see 11 blue or green arms - the diffusers - designed to brake the smoke into smaller bubbles. It's an important aspect of this ash catcher since the the majority of water pipe precoolers available have just one diffuser!

Tree Ash Catcher Percolator Inline Ash Catchers Blue Features of eleven arm tree ash catcher :

 Mushroom Inline Ash Catchers

These mushroom type inline ash catchers are high quality diffusers which include a revolutionary method to cool your smoke. Inside you will notice a diffuser with the form of a mushroom with 21 slits that will split the smoke and supply cooler, smoother hits.

This cooler includes a 18.8 glass on glass link piece that suits on most of water pipes. This mushroom preecooleris produced with excellent boro glass that is created to last several years without cracking.

Inline Mushroom Ash Catcher GreenInline Ash Catcher Mushroom BlueFeatures of mushroom inline ash catcher:

Inline Diffused Percolators

When you seek for a water pipe add-on that looks and works great this inline diffused precooler is the best solution. This Inline ash catcher - water pipe precooler - is made from top quatity boro glass and has an innovative tehnique to cool and smah the smoke. It features two unique pieces coupled to help you keep your bong clean for very long.

These inline ash catchers have a completely innovative shape which will ensure that the ash will never reach your water pipe. Inside the first one is the diffuser with 21 slits for cooler and smoother hits.

Inline Ash Catchers BlueInline Ash Catchers GreenFeatures of inline diffused precooler:
  • Build with two unique pieces;
  • One arm diffuser with 21 slits;
  • 18.8 mm or 14.8 mm  glass on glass connection piece;
  • Material: top quality boro glass;
  • Worldwide shipping;
  • Cost only $35.95;
  • Click this link to order the Inline Diffused Precooler;

Glass smoking products wholesale/retail

InlineAshCatchers.com is an expert when it comes to glass smoking products! Our organization sells glass smoking products wholesale or retail, to shops all over US, Mexic, Canada and Europe!

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For wholesale and retail inquiries, please contact us at:

24 Hour Customer Service: 1.800.515.5035
Direct Sales Hotline - 1.213.985.2399
Email: wholesale@mintdistribution.com
Skype: WholesaleMint
Our glass products are strictly intended for the use of tobacco and legal use only. You must be a minimum of 18 years old to purchase from our site. For Inline ash catchers wholesale pricing please contact us. 
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